Many a time, those seeking for employment, find themselves saddled with the responsibility of producing a police clearance that attests to their past criminal record. Equally faced with this requirement are those seeking to apply for visas to travel abroad, to obtain work permits or study permit.

In the Zimbabwe Republic Police, the Criminal Investigation Department is charged with the responsibility of producing these clearances through its Criminal Records Office working in conjunction with the Central Criminal Bureau. The two sections are the repository of criminal records for all those people that have been convicted of an offence in Zimbabwe including those that have deposited fines for offences they have committed.


The person requiring clearance should submit his/her fingerprinted forms together with proof of payment of the vetting clearance fee in the form of the original/top copy receipt.

Where to get the fingerprint forms?

Fingerprints forms can be bought from Kingston Book shops or any other stationery shop that sells the forms.

N.B. The forms for clearance vetting are different from those used by the police ZRP (form 14) for taking fingerprints of criminals. As such people should not expect to get the fingerprint forms from the police station

Those who are abroad have to enquire with their respective local police stations on how they can get the forms.

Where to be fingerprinted

After having obtained their forms, people can approach their local police stations to have their fingerprints taken. Those abroad seeking clearance from the Zimbabwean Police, can have their fingerprints taken in those respective countries.

We legally facilitate the applications of police clearance certificate.Fingerprints and a valid passport or ID card are required.The police clearance certificate may also need to be legalised by Min of External Affairs and or sometimes by Embassies.

To those seeking police clearences from any sadc countries for more information please contact