Our Terms and conditions

By using our services, you agree to all of the below terms and conditions.
These terms and conditions have been written for ease of reading and understanding, and for clarity.

As of 01 January 2018

    1. Paying for a service, not a result or outcome.
      by using Document Recovery a paid service means that we work on your behalf to obtain legal documents or certificates for you. We charge for our time, efforts and know-how, not for a result. We expect a full payment within 24hrs as soon as we show you proof of the document. Defaulting payment attract a penalty .We expect every client to make a deposit or full payment first for the service. No document can be processed without a payment. We cannot guarantee that the service can be completed as you wish, since many times issues arise are out of our control. That said, we do want to achieve the positive results you want and will do everything in our power to obtain it for you. A good example is having a document sent for certification, only to have it rejected. No refund is possible, since we would still have done work or spent time, effort and undergone costs on your instruction, which is what you are paying for.
    1. Clients who ask for advice:
      We cannot officially tell you which documents you need or what legalization/authentication they may need. We are not an official advisory and act upon instruction only. We can only tell you what we have seen in the past, but your situation is always unique. The onus is solely on you as a client to find out what documentation you need for the authority you are submitting to.
    2. Timing of instructions
      Timings on all instructions, quoted by us in communication and stated on our website, are estimates based on experience. There is always a chance that services may take longer than quoted, due to circumstances beyond our control. In such cases, no refunds are possible, as work will already have been done and costs undergone. Once work has been started, an application cannot be retracted or cancelled. Therefore, you should never make plans, book flights, set wedding dates or commit to anything else based on the estimated timing, you should wait for the documentation in hand. Please note that delays are possible with certain government departments and couriers due to policy changes.Home Affairs documentation, specifically, can take longer if the department has issues. Covid Lockdown, Load shedding, staff unavailable, staff on leave, no printer ink, systems being down – there are so many reasons which cause delays at the Department of Home Affairs. We are not liable for any errors made, nor delays and costs incurred to have them corrected. Document Recovery is not liable for any loss of any kind whatsoever by anyone in any capacity when using our services.
    1. Not obtaining documents
      We very rarely have cases where documentation is unobtainable, even where we believed it was possible (or were told by officials that it was possible) at the start of the instruction. Should an authority (such as the Department of Home Affairs) deny issuing a document to you for any reason, no refunds are given.
    2. When making payment/s
      Payments should not be made without first receiving a quotation. Please inquire for an invoice or total cost should you wish to make payment. Please also make sure to pay for all transaction costs as well as paying extra if making a card payment.
    3. Refunds
      Officially, we do not give refunds. This is because once an instruction has been started upon, large costs are already undergone and cannot be retrieved. In a very rare event where we do give a refund, it is a partial refund, deducting the costs undergone by that stage of the instruction.
    4. Sending us documents
      Documentation MUST be couriered through Dhl or Fedex. If sent by post in any way, the documents take very long and we have to fetch them from a post office or courier company at a steep extra cost to you. We are not liable for any loss during couriering/sending documentation.

When sending us documents, these must go to the address given to you by email. Please inquire for the receiver’s full names, courier address and phone number. You must use only DHL or FedEx a door-to-door courier for documents.

These terms and conditions are binding to anyone using any of our services, or this website. A link to these terms and conditions is displayed in all our emails, on all our invoices and on every page of this website in the footer.

What we do
Document Recovery Afrique (1900-2023) is a legal documentation procurement and visa consultancy company which offer the following services: legal documents, Embassy attestation, language translation, confirmation of legal documents, Facilitation, Legalization with MoFA ,Replacement, Clearances & Retrievals, Family tree searches, Visa and Citizenship consultancy, Apostille, and many more. The documents we process are original, genuine and authentic. Please note that our service is not available to locals. Its a privilege to help people who live in Zimbabwe.We encourage them to visit nearest local issuing authorities for assistance.