Document Recovery AfriqueLegalization makes the documents suitable for use, acceptable in another country. The process often involves several different steps. Documents that can be legalized include civil status documents, court orders, educational certificates, transcripts or certificates.

Legalization shows that:

1.The document was issued by an official authority.

2.The signature, seal and or stamp on the document are genuine.

3.The documents format is correct.

Legalization does not confirm that a documents content is is down to the authority asking for the document to check.


if one or both countries involved in your legalization is not party of the Apostille Convention, then legalization often involves two steps.

                 STEP 1

An authority in country A checks that the document has been signed the relevant authority in country A. It is usually the Min of Foreign Affairs in country A that does this. After approval ,a stamp or sticker is placed on the document. This shows country B that the document has been issued by a competent authority in country A.

               STEP 2

Country B checks and legalizes the document with a stamp or sticker. Usually, this is done by an Embassy, consulate-general or honorary consul of country B in a country A. After legalization you can use the document in country B.


In many countries, you can have your document legalized with an apostille. This is a simplified form of legalization. An authority in country A legalizes the document with a type of stamp or sticker known as apostille. After this, no more steps are necessary. You can use the document in all countries that are party of the Apostille Convention.

We have more than 7yrs of experience as service provider and we have staffs trained to render best legalization services as per customer convenience. Our team will go through with the process that are to be followed in the legalization of various documents for visa or citizenship purposes.


  1. Birth certificate
  2. Death certificates
  3. Marriage certificates
  4. Certificate of single status
  5. Naturalization certificate
  6. Confirmation of driving license
  7. Driving license Exchange
  8. Police Clearances
  9. International driving license
  10. Driving license
  11. Adoption decree
  12. Passport
  13. Visa and work permis
  14. Educational certificate
  15. Verification of college certificates