Excellent Service

I am really impressed at the service Simon and his team provides for people who are living outside of Zimbabwe and need to obtain certain documents. When I needed to get a certified copy of my birth certificate, I didn’t know who to contact or where to turn. I came across the document recovery centre on Facebook and I was looking for positive reviews or recommendations but I couldn’t find any, so I couldn’t know if this company was legit or not which made me kinda nervous in the beginning to trust that if I were to pay the asking fee for the copy of my document, if I would even get what I paid for or if they would in the end be internet scammers. Fortunately, I did get a recommendation from someone who vouched for Simon and his trustworthiness. And today, I too can truly vouch for Simon. To anyone who is wondering about this company and deciding whether or not that it’s worth the risk. There is nothing to worry about, Simon and his team are excellent and their fees are reasonable compared to other companies who also provide this service. I encourage all those who have already experienced the good service of Simon and his team to post a good review on Facebook to let others minds be at ease when deciding to place their trust and their hard earned money into the services of this company. I am happy to be writing this review and will continue to use Simon’s services in the future. Thank you Simon, you are amazing. Thank you for your excellent service you have definitely earned my trust.

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